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Chemical Processing

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Heat Treating

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Non-Destructive Testing

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“MedAccred defines world class controls necessary to enable world class quality at the critical process manufacturers.”

Scott Goolsbey

Procurement Programs

Sr. Program Manager


It is very different—a QMS
audit is broad but shallow. A
MedAccred audit is deep in
terms of a process area—a mile deep, inch wide, versus an inch deep, mile wide.

David Vazquez


Quality Engineering and Supplier Quality

Becton Dickinson

What is MedAccred?

  • Baxter
  • BD
  • Boston Scientific
  • Edwards Lifesciences
  • Johnson & Johnson

MedAccred is an industry managed, consensus-driven approach to ensuring critical manufacturing process quality throughout the medical device supply chain. 

In today’s world of global manufacturing, the supply chain is multi-tiered and geographically remote, making oversight challenging and costly. To prevent output deficiencies, critical processes and products must be validated during manufacturing to prove that they are fit for purpose, satisfy regulatory requirements and reduce overall risk. 

Getting started is easy. 

  1. Improved efficiency
  2. Improved quality of products
  3. Reduced scrap and rework
  4. Opportunity to leverage MedAccred Accreditation to gain new business

What Are the Benefits to a MedAccred Audit?

a stethoscope rests on top of a medical device chip board

Only the best companies in the medical device supply-chain achieve MedAccred® accreditation. MedAccred audits are a rigorous technical assessment of compliance to customer requirements and industry standards, conducted by industry experts.

Current Subscribers

Subscribers provide governance over the MedAccred® program,
determine audit criteria, have full access to audit findings, and
determine who is granted MedAccred accreditation.

  • Medtronic
  • Phillips
  • Roche Diagnostic
  • Stryker



  • Improved overall performance of your company and suppliers 
  • Technical evaluation of processes and supplied components 
  • Customized audits to address specific performance objectives
  • Greater insight into your supply chain 
  • Support for regulatory and risk management requirements 
  • Supplement your existing technical resource capabilities 
  • Redirect internal personnel to focus on value-adding activities such as innovation
DRS Technical Services, Inc.
Client of PRI Registrar since 2011
“PRI brings a reputation that enhances the standard to which our organization is certified to. The team at PRI is very professional and I would highly recommend them to a peer.” 
Client of PRI Registrar since 2009

“We like the external point of view to our QA system. Their findings and comments had always been based on good practice. So we are happy to implement them. Over years few, we can see and measure an improvement in our system.” 

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Navigate the complexities of manufacturing with confidence. Our custom services offers tailored solutions in audits, certifications, qualifications, training, and assessments ensuring your project not only meets but exceeds industry and quality standards. 

PRI is the world leader in facilitating collaborative supply chain oversight programs, quality management systems approvals and professional development in industries where safety and quality are shared values. Our Performance360 program was created with agility in mind to provide manufacturing professionals like you with tailored solutions that support your goals.